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Full Face
Classes & Lessons

The Full Face Service is Shanah's most popular option with clients! This service includes customized makeup selection and application for every client.


The makeup is carefully and skillfully applied to the entire face as requested by the client with a recommendation from Shanah.


Shanah has a variety of products to accommodate any client and uses her special application techniques to ensure a flawless look that can be worn throughout the day or night.

Bridal Services is a something Shanah takes a lot of pride in. It provides the special once in a lifetime experience every bride deserves with the 2 separate packages to choose from.  Features are available to the bride to be and or members of the bridal party.


Traditional Package Includes Pre wedding trial. Full makeup application on the wedding day. Mini touch-up kit. False eyelashes included


Deluxe Package Includes Pre wedding trial. One additional makeup application for the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or rehearsal dinner. Full makeup application on the wedding day. Full-size touch-up kit. False eyelashes included.

Shanah gets such a rush being on set. This is where she can let her creativity roam. There are two rate options for photo shoots.


Half Day Rate:  (4 hours) Includes the initial look, lashes, touch-ups, and travel.


Full day rate: (8 hrs) Includes the initial makeup look, all the changes, or other models, lashes, and travel. 

Shanah recently added makeup classes to her list of services. She will walk you through, step by step on how to apply makeup to yourself or a model. You can choose to set up a private lesson or attend one of her group sessions.


Private Lesson: You will bring your makeup kit and Shanah will show you how to do your face. Don't own much makeup, no worries! Shanah will have her kit as well. No need to shop around too much before your lesson, Shanah will tell you everything you'll need to accomplish the look you're going for.  


Private Artist Lesson: Shanah will demonstrate and explain how to apply a full face of makeup on a model.   You will repeat the same steps on the same model. She will go through how to build your kit, product recommendation, as well as a Q&A session.  

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